Niche Meetups Q&A

Who Is Niche meetup?

We are a boutique and hands on events company passionate about creating opportunities for entrepreneurs in a conducive and fun environments. Our members get a chance to experience a hassle-free meetup where they can meet top-tier prospects, key partners and collaborators in a fun and open way.

Niche is a subsidiary company that is part of the Leaders Of Tomorrow Group, founded by Aaron Mashano.

He recognises the importance of maintaining good-old-fashioned, face to face connections with our peers in today’s fast paced, digital world.

We all still want to do business in a social human setting so Niche Meetups brings you exactly that – with a twist.  

What are Niche Meetups?

A well-organized, 3 ½  hour, quality focused, regular opportunity for the Bali Entrepreneur community to meet new people, make strategic contacts, catch up with colleagues, promote new initiatives, meet industry experts and get ideas, in a relaxing, informal and conducive environment.

Where are the Niche Meetups Held?

For our monthly gatherings, Niche Meetups choses boutique locations in Bali, namely Ubud, Sanur and Canggu. The criteria is an unbeatable for atmosphere, accessibility, location and size, in short the perfect setting for business people to get creative.

How Often and Where Do Niche Meet Ups Take Place?

Usually Mid-month, every month from 6:30pm till 9pm in 3 Strategic Bali locations.

Who’s Invited?

Entrepreneurs and their friends who have RSVP due to the attendee limit of 30 people.  

How Much Does It Cost?

Rp 250,000 ( includes drink on arrival and light meal)

Should I Go To Every Niche Meet Up?

Everyone is welcome to come to all Niche Meet Ups but check each time for availability.

Every month on Thursday